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We aim to bring together extraordinary leaders, create meaningful relationships, and foster collaboration.

About us
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Is to support the leaders of nonprofit organizations by providing peer learning and support groups, mentoring and leadership best practices.  We aim to bring together extraordinary leaders, create meaningful relationships, and foster collaboration that leads to personal and organizational growth, and a more powerful impact when addressing humanity’s biggest challenges.

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CALO’s members are the CEOs, Executive Directors, and leaders of nonprofit and social impact organizations who are dedicated to making the world a better place. CALO members are passionate leaders, open-minded CEOs, and impact change agents who believe in the power of peer learning and support as a catalyst for professional and personal growth. 

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Our unique approach is based on proven peer coaching methodologies applied in organizations such as YPO (Young President Organization), EO (Entrepreneurs' Organization), Vistage and others. At CALO we launch and support Forums - intimate peer advisory learning and support groups. In a forum, members can talk openly in a safe and confidential setting with trusted peers where they can grow both personally and professionally, all while enhancing their knowledge network and leadership impact. 

In such a setting, members can share candidly their professional and personal experiences, successes and challenges, and get perspective and honest feedback from their trusted peers. Life-long friendships are often created and in times of need forum mates become pillars of support and transformation for one another.

CALO members gathering and participating in discussion

At CALO’s geographical chapter events, we gather our local forum members to enrich their personal and professional horizons. Throughout the year we offer a variety of educational and social events.  We also encourage our members to build relationships outside of their respective forums, and across chapters. This serves to enhance peer learning, the network, and the collaboration among our members. On a global level, CALO International offers educational and networking events across countries and chapters to encourage members to collaborate on a global scale. 

Personal Commitment
Members are dedicated to the forum, the chapter, and the community at large. 

Member Focused
CALO is a member-led learning community that provides added value to individual members and their communities. 

Trust and Transparency
The foundation of meaningful relationships and valuable learning environment.  


Inside-Out Leadership
Empowering impactful leaders by focusing on both personal and professional growth and development. 

Being the change
Setting an example as the inspiration for others to follow.


CEOs, Executive Directors, and heads of nonprofit organizations. Each organization is required to be in good standing and meet the eligibility requirements in their country.  The criteria for eligibility relate to the organization’s annual budget, number of employees and volunteers. 

CALO seeks organizations that are committed to advancing gender equality, diversity, inclusion, environmental sustainability, and the empowerment of the communities in which they work. All organizations are welcome except governmental organizations, religious organizations and political organizations

CALO seeks organizations that are committed to advancing gender equality, diversity, inclusion, environmental sustainability, and the empowerment of the communities in which they work. All organizations are welcome except governmental organizations, religious organizations and political organizations



Dedicating their time and energy to make the world a better place


Investing in continuous personal and professional growth

Respecting each other and honoring their commitment to confidentiality

Three female CALO members smiling at the camera. Two are sitting at a table, one is standing behind them.


Listening without judgement and sharing openly and authentically 


Being generous with their time and wisdom 

CALO is a nonprofit organization, funded by donations and member fees.

Who can join CALO

What do our current members have to say about CALO:

"A social director often feels lonely when building a campaign. [We have no real peers, but rather employees who reports to them, and a board they report to.]  The job requires leadership, management in a complex environment, flexibility and on the fly,  decision making.  At CALO, I found a safe collaborative space to consult and get help in dealing with the challenges we face, especially during these complicated times.  CALO provides… a sense of "togetherness" that is so lacking in my day-to-day. "

Avner Dafni
CEO of Rakefet Association
Supporting youths and adults who experience social anxiety.

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Dr. Eva Kedar

Dr. Eva Kedar

CALO Co-Founder

and Board Member 

Eva is a management consultant, leadership coach, YPO certified Forum Facilitator and published author. Her passions are in the areas of leadership transformation through meaningful relationships and peer learning and support groups. Eva has earned a master’s degree in Neuroscience and a doctorate in Organizational Psychology.  Her experience varies from working with fortune 500 companies to startups, and in industries ranging from banking to entertainment to software. Eva is also a certified teacher of the Enneagram, a powerful, ancient model for understanding personality, human behavior, and leadership styles. 
She co-authored numerous articles about creativity and the new media, and has published a book about the early days of online entertainment: Digital Babylon: How the Geeks, the Suits, and the Ponytails Fought to Bring Hollywood to the Internet. Eva enjoys helping leaders and groups increase their authenticity, vitality, and impact. She was born in Prague, grew up in Israel and is currently living with her husband Ofir in NY.

Yuval Shenhar

CALO Co-Founder

and Vice Chairman of the Board

Yuval Shenhar got his entrepreneurial start at an early age and has established a number of successful businesses in various fields ranging from security to retail. He now focuses his attention on real estate development and investments. About a decade ago, Yuval returned to Israel with his family after living in America for 20 years. Yuval has been an active member of YPO since 2010 and has recently completed his tenure in a volunteer position as chairman of the organization in Israel, where he served for three years. Based on his experience in YPO, Yuval established CALO- Change Agent Leaders Organization, a community for CEOs of nonprofits. He is the Co-founder of the global organization and the Israeli chapter, where he is also serving as the chapter chair.  Yuval now lives in Tel Aviv while continuing to oversee his USA-based Real Estate business.

Yuval Shenhar

Dikla Cohen Michaeli


Dikla brings over 20 years of diverse management experience in the nonprofit sector including expertise in strategic planning, implementing procedures, and goal achievement. Prior to being appointed CEO of CALO in May 2024 she spent 7 years as CEO of Lev Cash Association and 9 years as Executive Director of Neve Arazim Community Center, where she managed more than 170 employees. Dikla also has experience as a management consultant, personal and professional development coach, and facilitates workshops and training courses on management, team building, strategy, and more. She holds a masters degree in nonprofit and community organization management.


Jenna McGuire

New York Chapter Director 

Jenna is a community organizer and project manager with a background in environmental and public health advocacy and humanitarian aid. Jenna is also an avid volunteer, working with various local organizations providing food, clothing, and basic necessities to community members in need. Jenna graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and International Studies with a concentration in Comparative Culture and Identity. 

Young woman with blonde hair smiling in professional attire
Ofir Kedar

Ofir Kedar

CALO Co-Founder
and Chairman of the Board

Ofir Kedar is a serial entrepreneur and has created multiple companies in the media, hi-tech, and non-profit fields. Ofir started his career as the founder and CEO of SQRiBE Software and Executive Chairman of Brio Software.”  Currently Ofir is actively investing in ‘Social Impact’ businesses – for-profit and non-profit entities that combine in their mission a commitment to make a positive impact in the world. 

In the non-profit area, Ofir is a co-founder of the YPO’s Peace Action Network (PAN), which has hosted multiple events and forums, bringing together business executives across conflict borders.  Ofir and his wife Eva are the founders of the current YPO Israel chapter, which today has more than 160 members and is considered to be one of the best YPO chapters in the world.  

Our team


  1. What is a CALO forum? – A CALO forum is a peer learning group of 8-10 leaders of nonprofit organizations.  Forums meet monthly, typically for 4 hours, in a confidential environment, following a structured agenda, where members can discuss professional and personal issues and learn from each other’s experiences.  Forums are moderated by a trained facilitator.

  2. I’m super busy already. Why 4 hours a month? – We realize that your time is valuable and extremely limited, as is that of your fellow forum members. Forum participation however often helps participants gain perspective and maintain their priorities, focus, and balance throughout the rest of the month. It may feel counterintuitive, but often when we are extremely busy that is exactly when it is most important to take the time to pause and reflect. In fact, forums can save you time as you learn from the successes and failures of other leaders.

  3. I already have both a personal and professional network, why join a forum? – Many people are fortunate to have a trusted group of friends, family, and colleagues who can offer advice and support them in times of need. A peer forum provides an important complement to those relationships. Forum is different because:​

    • The forum includes people with whom you have no previous substantive relationship and no conflicts of interest. It thus affords you with new and fresh perspectives from peers who are often more qualified than other confidants.

    • The structure and protocols of forum ensure you can efficiently and effectively address important issues, in a way that informal conversations may not allow.

    • It's on your calendar. The discipline of forum ensures that you regularly step back and reflect on where you’ve been and where you are going.​​​​

  4. How is CALO Funded? Do members pay dues? - CALO Global Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization. Our EIN is 88-2852724. The majority of our funding comes from donations, and members pay modest dues. Our vision is for all qualified candidates to be able to benefit from forum participation!

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Leders organization - Image by krakenimages
Leders organization - Image by Brooke Cagle
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